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A Man on a Generous Mission

Professional outfielder Curtis Granderson donated 5 million dollars for the construction of the Curtis Granderson Stadium at the University of Illinois at Chicago, his alma mater, where he works out in the off-season.

We wisely stop short of decreeing any man or woman noble. We’re all fallen, although some quite a bit less so than others. Granderson appears to belong firmly in that second category.

With the help of the Mets and others, he has raised well over a million dollars to support youth education and sports. He gives away turkeys while riding in the back of trucks and hopes to raise a million dollars for the Food Bank for New York City. Every home run he hits translates into money.

He has won a bundle of public service prizes, including baseball’s prestigious Roberto Clemente Award, and he poured every needed cent into his Grand Kids Foundation, which supported the youth program at his alma mater. The foundation has no staff member or expenses. Every dollar goes to the programs.

I should offer a throat-clearing confession: On the subject of Granderson, I own a cracked crystal ball. When he struggled two years ago, I opined that his career seemed near an end. He went on to have a fine season and to hit three home runs in the 2015 World Series.


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